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Swatch Bharat Abhiyan 2019

Delhi generates 1,846 tonnes of waste per day. Of this, 1,033 tonnes is wet waste that includes food and vegetable waste and 813 is dry waste including paper, plastic, metal, glass, among others. According to the official data, 1,667 tonnes of waste is collected on a regular basis. While 1,181 tonnes of waste is treated, 486 tonnes is dumped in a landfill. Elaborating on the wet waste management process, Mr Kumar said,

Cities have waste to compost plants of capacity ranging from 25 TPD (tonnes per day) to 150 TPD. ULBs practise vermi composting as well. Along with this, onsite composting is done by bulk waste generators and households.

Some Memorable Moments of Event.

Shreshtha Bharat Foundation (SBF), with more than 70 volunteers has served and helped 3000 + families including daily wages and migrant laborers of India.

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